Virtual Learning Center

We are launching  a virtual learning center for those in our community beginning on Wednesday, Aug 26.

Pre-registration is required each day through Sept. 28.

LBC is partnering with Hancock County Public Schools to provide a safe learning environment for students during this period of virtual learning due to COVID-19.  LBC plans to host up to 30 students (10 Elementary and 20 Middle & High).  The virtual learning center will be open Monday-Friday 8:15-3:00 and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5:00-7:00.  Parents/ Guardians must pre-register their child each day they plan to attend using the applicable form on this page or by calling the church office (270-295-3322).

Kindergarten-5th grade must have a parent or guardian present at all times. Elementary age children CANNOT be unattended.  ALL parents and guardians must sign a safety and health waiver prior to being able to utilize the virtual learning center.  Snacks will be provided daily, but we recommend packing a lunch. 

LBC is committed to the safety and well-being of all children, volunteers and staff that enter our building. 

  • Daily temperature checks will be taken each morning before anyone can enter the building. Temperatures of 100.4 will NOT be allowed to come in the building.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed.
  • Mask will be worn unless you are sitting down and social distanced from others. Anytime you have to get up and move around you must have on a mask.
  • Elementary age students can only have 1 parent/ guardian to enter the building with them. (No siblings under school age.)
  • Students, parents and guardians will not be allowed to roam around the building.
  • A waiver will be signed before a student will be able to use the virtual learning center. Parents must understand that LBC will follow all safety guidelines, but will not be held responsible for any COVID-19 related illness or symptoms.

A limited number of devices will be available for use, however, it is recommended you bring your own device, earbuds/ headphones.

VLC Registration (K-5)

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VLC Registration (6-12)

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